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Suma sample clip LISTEN is proud to bring you the richness of Telugu literature in audio format for your listening pleasure. Audio Books Telugu is a small attempt to bring to lovers of Telugu literature works of writers who have become legends, works which have earned a spot in literary history and writings of authors who are ready to make their mark. In short, a meeting place of the written Telugu word in audio format.

We hope to keep the rich tradition of our beautiful language flourishing through the audio format so it continues to mesmerize Telugus across the world. Those who have the time, but not the inclination, for those who have the inclination but not the time... simply put, for all those of us who have lost our way to the portals of Telugu language, here is the forum to listen, relish, cherish and comment.

We're starting off this herculean task by bringing to you stories from the anthology of Mullapudi Venkataramana. These have been read by talented voices - generous with their time and effort to help us move this venture forward.

We hope that this reaches Telugus yearning to hear the richness of their mother tongue in all corners of the world. In our enthusiasm to present the gems of Telugu literature in the audio format, if we have committed any errors, do forgive us. We could appreciate your comments - bouquets and brickbats are equally welcome.

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